Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Mom, we miss u

Suddenly I miss my mommy
she is at the hospital right now,
its our routine activity for past few days
It's hard but we've to make it become our other "unforgetable great" adventure

I miss my best friends too, where are they?
family gathering :)
I love mi familia
a story when my mom health and visit her family in Bandung

destination : our favourite place in Burangrang
Tahu Tidur
@Tahu Tidur -Behind Bakso Malang Enggal Jl. Burangrang-

our favorite menus: -tahu tidur (tahu bulet dicocol sambel kacang)
-es camcau (Mr. F favourite)
-steamboat (ka Levi love this)
-bubur ketan item (ka andre always order it)
-Mie goreng seafood (this is Wenny's)
-Chicken Karage (mmm because I always confused while choosing the menus)

why we choose Tahu Tidur as our favourite place?
-its cheap (yellowpages said: "nasi goreng aja cuman 5 rebu", yawn!)
-its quite delicious
-clean place
-its open till 00.00
-the menu's are various (Indonesian,Chinnese,Japan*no sushi*,Western)
-a la carte and buffet

moom, get well soon,
we've already missing you so much

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