Rabu, 03 April 2013


My friend told me about the basic of bartending. 
He said, as a bartender we should know "5 spirits"
1. Whiskey
2. Gin
3. Rum
4. Tequila
5. Vodka
Those are main ingredients in mix drinks
The formula :
5 spirit + Mixers + Garnishes = mix drinks
Mixers made from carbonate water, like a tonic, juices, or soda.
Then you can add the garnishes, lemon , orange, mint and so on.
The name of the mix drinks sometimes similar in everywhere, universal.
The formula, the way they serve, kind of glasses they use. 

hehehe, thanks for the first lesson, sir.

Tamani Cafe

When the starve almost kill you in the mall

Chicken Picatta
@ Tamani Cafe - Senayan City, Jakarta
Cocok untuk orang yg sedang amat kelaparan.
The cheese is so yum yum

Its only madness

Muse, Radiohead , The Temper Trap, Foo Fighter, Copeland. 
Bring some kind of memories that I want to buried in the deepest of ocean. 
However, I do love them. It's been a long time, but your story always come to me in the bad ways.
What should I do? 
Can u live proper without disturbing mine? 

Muse - Madness
I have finally seen the light,
And I have finally realized
What you mean...

Our love is