Jumat, 21 Oktober 2016

New Start

Its been three year since my last post, and I missssssss to write again in the blog.
The new social media totally change my hobby, instead of being a writer I just love to see from the corner. See other people share about their personal life, their happy things, their feeling.

At first, I tought that I could be profesional food blogger. But again, the social media makes everyone suddenly become the food expert. Compare to last three years, there is not so many information about food and restaurant, but now its sooooo easy (even my little niece can do it).

Soo I need to change the direction, from now on I will write all the things that I want to write, person, things, my new job, my boss (*ups), and about love of my life.

Wish I can share something usefull through this blog.
So this is it, my new life adventure.

And the life goes on...