Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Shanghai Dinner

That was my first formal dinner in Japanese Restaurant.
My manager took all my project team to one of Japanese Restaurant in one hotel in Pudong . 
Since I can not read Chinese or Japanese word, I forgot the name of the restaurant. Hehehe
The food is come one by one like a river, ohhhhh my.
 serve Italian food like foie gras.
"its not a duck, its a liver"
"yeaa its a duck liver"
foie gras served with fried apple
this is Bulu Babi
Do you know bulu babi? Animal that makes us itchy while step it.
The black and ugly ones and lives in bottom of ocean.
Yeaa, this food is extermly expensive so they serve it in very tiny plate.
They combine with egg. What its name??
My Team
When we finished our dinner, we clap our hand for one time together, its a Japanese custom called Tejime.
Wish our project can run successfully. Then we can eat and eat again.
"ote wo haishaku"

Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

Chasing Dream No 10

Dream No#10 Going Overseas
Thanks God, finally my dreams come true.
My life is full with coincidence. I just start my career just 10 months a go and they already give me rare chance to have a business trip to other country. Thank you boss, you give me your promise.

I love you Shanghai!! :)