Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Pecel Mbak Ira

Nasi Pecel + Bandeng Presto
@ Pecel Madiun Mbak Ira , Jl. Margonda, Depan D'Mall -Depok
Nasinya pas porsinya,
sambel dan bandengnya enak
pecel madiun itu, bumbunya kasar,
 ada rempeyek sm irisan daun jeruk
I love Indonesia

I love u Rashella 'Congmaleo-girl'

I got many Gift from Japaaaan

Arigato gozaimaz :)
Thank you Rashelaa
Love u, muaaahhh


dating Mr. $55/day , my old friend and trash bin, orang ter malang sedunia...
@ Gandaria City - Jakarta
Egg Box (chcicken+rice+scramblde egg)
The fried chicken is superb! Enaaaaakkk
"healthy, crispy, juicy, yet non greasy"
I love the way they fry the chicken, krispi tp ga berlemak sm sekali
me want more!!!
Snowflakes Strawberry
Ice + Mochi + Syroup +matcha = guhreat!!
asian ice
one glass two spoon, can u see how disgusting romantic we are
*irit cyin*

Aaaaaaaa, enaaak!! mau kesini lagi
He told me everything. Yea, he still the same whsn that I knew.
His favourite quotes "lebih baik jadi selingkuhan, drpd diselingkuhin"
okey nu, well done!! 1-0
Cepet tobat ya mas, keburu tua.
Thanks for always being my our trash bin.
Maaci udh ditraktirin molo. (gaya ya skrg)
*peluk inyu*
whsn : "NO!!! Chaak, hush hush!!"

Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Warung Leko

"She is my everything. Thanks for always being such a strong person, smart and beautiful lady.
Mom, I loveeeeee u sooooooo much :')"

Celebrating mom's last chemo season 2
Just me and mom!

@Warung Leko - Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
Sepesial Iga Penyet
Iga Penyet
Iga Bakar Saus Madu
Sumsum Lada Garam
its a rare food,
cairan yg keluar dr tengah2 tulang sapi, trus digoreng dan di bumbui
but its goood

I wish everything gonna be okay.
Ma, semangat yaaaaa. Aku sayang sekali sm mama...

Ta Wan Porridge

Bubur Tiga Rasa ala Ta Wan
@Ta Wan Restaurant - Margo City , Depok
Menu spesial restaurant ini bubur.
Buburnya enak, kaldunya kerasa. 
Toping buburnya juga macem2
aaaand its worhted!! wohoooo

Tahu Goreng Ayam Saus ala Ta Wan
@Ta Wan Restaurant - Margo City , Depok

The other way to feel happiness is sharing something with ur lovely ones.
And finally I can took my Oma to this restaurant. Guess her age? She's seventy something, still health, beautiful  smart, and a great mother for everyone. She even still remember all her old friend. OMG! Oma also choose one beautiful clothes for me. I love u Oma Betsy.

Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Green Tea

"Lets find a job, to buy starbuck everyday"

Today, I wake up with bad feeling.
Somehow there is a deep big scar, here in my heart.
Two years erased by three weeks.
My loyalty has no meaning at all.
I wonder why, person who already being cheated for five times still have a heart to kiss other's boyfriend. Do u both still have a heart?
Oh Gosh! I still remember everything.

Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Teheee :D

gaya dikit bole donk ya :)


Have a beautiful meal with cousins. They're my best!

Smoked Beef, Beef Bacon & Mushroom Flaky Pizza
@ Bakerzin - PIM2, Jakarta 
mmmm for me it just 'tiny little beautifull food'

Chocolate Amer
@ Bakerzin 
It's totally chocolate! uh!
Mousse layer, sponge chocolate cake
and the chocolate itself

ps. Should I yell 'nyam nyam nyam' ?? :p

Selasa, 04 Desember 2012


Life teach me a lot.
We shouldn't be possessive with anything.
Person, Dreams, and Things.

People can change, they can pass away.
Dreams, sometimes hard to be realized and situation can be changed suddenly.
Fire can burn Things, and burglar can stole it.

And life, teach me one things.
Love means sacrifice
Like ayah said, 
"Love is not about asking something from our partner,
its all about what can we give to them."

Maybe what people said about me is true.

maybe I'm too much dreaming