Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

One Step a Head

Chasing dream no 5 : "kerja sama orang asing"

Yeaaa, first I wanna say thank you to my boss and my supervisor. Mereka berdua udah ngasih gw rare chance buat handle project directly sama Japanesse crew walaupun gw cuma staff control ece2 (belum kelar probation pulak). Daaan thank you juga udah kasih gw kesempatan buat presentasi di depan para manager dan presiden direktur OMI dan OES waktu parlel tv meeting Indonesia-Jepang. Gyaaaa!! I wish I can took a photo in that moment. So proud.

Tamura-san gives a training
thank you girls 
genk "krrrrrrrrr" 
I also being a translater

I adore their work ethic. They always think one step ahead. Instead of just doing inspection and then selection, they rather do improvement and then repair. They don't satisfy with excuses or we know as "dalih". They do the countermeasure as fast as possible and as simple as possible (as cheap as possible of course :p). They see a problem from many different ways. Yes!! Maybe that's the reason, why Japan become sophisticated country in the world.

 Arigato gozaimasu for all your cooperation. Thanks for your coming. It such a great pleasure to work with all of you.
Tamura said " Terimakasih untuk oreh2 nya"
*oleh2 kali

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