Jumat, 06 Januari 2012


Its been a month not write in this blog. Yellll OOOOOO felaaaas!! :) How are you today??

I found another great hang out place in Bandung. JUICIDE!!
Hmmm, thats a helaty place to hang out. Why? Because they sell Juice. The fruits are so fresh and they make a good combination juice. Look at the menu, they named the juice with a cool phrase, most of them sounds like a song title. Like "We hate it when our friend succeed" , "Blonde Banana Blonde" , "O Followers". Cool huh?

The most important is, the juice is so fresh! We can look how they make it, they use very fresh fruit and I think they also use the good quality ones, and they use real sugar -not liquid neither syroup-. They also add fresh plain milk, not 'susu kental manis'. :)

My favourites belongs to:
who the fuck is jenny anyway -Banana Coffee and Milk
@ Juicide - Jl Sultan Agung No 5 , in front of Thyo pernik

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